Hey, I am Nick, business and personal consultant

On the path to endless opportunities through personal growth and leadership.
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New horizon over the same window

Do you want to elevate your mindset to reach the next level of your success?

Motivation Management
I will help you to master one of the most important skill nowadays.
Product Development
Implement the Scrum Framework for better team efficiency.
Social entrepreneurship
We all need to find the cause and the audience we are ready to work for.
I can help you
using only tested techniques.

Why my approach is efficient?

Adaptability and Value focused

We will use frameworks which are shaping every each one of the main education flows. I am putting your values and goals in the center of the whole transformation process. As well as the deeper understanding of their origin and impact. 

Usability of the new skills

You and your team can easily implement the whole process the day after the first session. We are developing a easy to integrate roadmap and guidelines which will speed up the path to your new goals and dreams. 

About Nick Nekov

Are you feeling that you or your team is lacking the energy and the strategy which is needed for their next milestone?

I have the right formula and experience /tools to inspire and equip your vision right yo the next milestones.

Already more than 15 companies have trusted me and my team to lead their growth teams and have boon satisfied with the results.
I believe that every organisation should have a clear vision how to inspire a positive, long-term change in the society. And I am ready to work and invest my resources in a organisations with a real and measurable impact.

I am mostly focused on growing and educating my own teams and projects. However, I am dedicated to improving people’s motivation and actionable plans for their next milestones in their strategy. That is why I spare of my time to consult and coach people, who want to grow faster.

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Result-driven Digital Marketing Agency

Smart subscription tech solution for eCommerce websites.

Team of believers which is building a new generation community in Silistra.
Marketplace for caravan rentals and additional services.